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This is the new MP91 Fast Lock brake for the Mosin 91/30. We have added ports on the sides for increased recoil reduction and a tough cerakote finish at no additional charge. We were the first to come out with the Fast Lock system in the U.S. for the Mosin. This system along with the two knurled set screws on the bottom provide a secure attachment platform for our brake. With over three thousand brakes in the field, they are well tried and tested. Our brakes are milled from 10/18 steel not aluminum as some other's are. Don't settle for anything less. Reduced recoil, flash, and muzzle flip equals tighter groups and less aspirin at the end of the day. Made in the USA for patriots by patriots. Get one today while you still can.


MP91 Brake 
Same great brake as above without fast lock .

 Reduce muzzle flip, recoil and aquire your target faster.This is our first gen. MP91 brake in the  first video, since then we have the second gen. with added ports on the side  in the second video.This brake is precision made and attaches with two black hardened cone screws  and comes with an extra set of screws and hex key . Lock them in for a solid install and be confident you have the best brake for your chopped  Mosin.  Watch it in action on my chopped 18 in. M91/30  below. Made for patriots by patriots!


except sun.


The MP91 STA is a new designed cleaning solvent trap adapter just for the M 91/30. It fits on just like our fast brake only with 13/16 threads on the end. Slip it on,  tighten it down, install your oil filter and your ready to clean your rifle with no mess. PATENT PENDING

MP 44 Fast Lock Is Here 

The MP 44 Fast Lock will not fit the Chinese T 53 look alike. Our brake will only fit the Russian M44  produced in 1943, 1944, and 1945. Please make sure your rifle was produced in those years before ordering. If in doubt, e-mail a head on picture of the front sight.The recoil and muzzle flip reduction is outstanding.  

MP 91 Fast Lock Brake on Mosin Center Balanced System


Quick Shots At 50 Yards with New Side Shot Sights


Now here from Mosin Plus llc the SIDE SHOT mount with fiber optic sight for use on the UTG TRI RAIL SCOPE MOUNT .

Ever had your scope malfunction or lose zero at a critical time? You need to take that shot now! With the SIDE SHOT mount and fiber optic sight you will have a solid point of reference to take the shot. Easy install and affordable. March special at $9.95



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