MOSIN PLUS LLC Muzzle Brakes
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MP91 Brake on Archangel

Archangel Stock with MP91 Brake
Standard 91/30 with MP91 Fast Lock Brake

Our New AK 47 Mutant Brake  on a happy customers rifle .
                                Thanks Jim

Center Balanced Stock & MP 91 Fast Lock Brake

MP91 Brake on chopped 91/30

Quick shots at 50 yards with the Side Shot
For those who noticed what looked to be teeth marks in their packages, well you were right. Lucy our faithful yellow lab would deliver the packages to me to mail with otter tail wagging, very proud to be helping dad. She has been a part of Mosin Plus llc since conception. On June 30th after a long hard fought battle, she let us know it was time to say good by. She was our best friend and  
pal. We will miss her and the joy and laughter she brought to our family.
                                                                                   End of Watch
                                                                             6/30/2016 /11/20 PM
                                                                               Rest in peace Girl